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Training Investments

Industry leaders focus on training and development of their employees as a strategic plan to meeting their business objectives, providing outstanding customer service, and achieving desired productivity and sustainable growth.

To gain this competitive edge in any industry, employees must be efficient, productive and adaptable to new challenges. Experts argued that employees must also improve in their critical thinking and problem solving, communication, collaboration, creativity and innovation to achieve that level of successes.

Key Benefits of Training

The investment in continued employee trainings brings several key benefits to companies, according to industry experts. It provides opportunity for employees to assume hire roles in the company, it sharpens their knowledge and skills thereby increase their value; it improves retention rates.

In addition, company’s goals and objectives become more attainable due to enhancement of operational efficiency. Challenges of new technological developments require even the most skillful employees to continue retraining themselves and remain competitive in the new digital age.

Training Expertise and Venues 

RBI job-training recognizes those challenges and has tailored training programs that meet those objectives. Our instructors are industry experts with many years of experience in their respective fields. As former managers, teachers and executives, they believe employees are the best assets an organization can have since company’s growth and successes depend on those talents.

Our service is designed for individuals, corporate, small businesses and non profit organizations. Our Team can assist you in assessing your company’s training needs and provide you with outstanding services. We offer in house and e-learning training, but we can also come to your facility, or our e-Learning platform for your convenience.

 Our Catalog

Our catalog consists of training courses from many industries, including academics. We provide courses for corporate employees,  industrial workers, small business owners and students. Please visit our catalog for more information

Customer Service Retail
This class will help customer service representatives at any retail stores (hardware, food and beverages, apparel) to master the art of communication and customer interaction for the best professional customer service experience.

Students Support
Our specialized tutors and instructors will help students who need assistance in certain subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, English. Our professionals will tackle most subjects and make sure students have success either in High School or College

Business Courses
The business courses are designed to help corporate employees, small business owners and non-profit organization. We provide many different courses from bookkeeping, time management, sexual harassment at work, government compliances etc.

Computer Applications
Computer software applications are essential to the workforce. We offer several computer classes online and live: Microsoft Office- Excel, Word, Power-Point,  Access and more.
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This is what our participants are saying

This course is very clear, meets all the objectives and is very useful to my role and career.

Absolutely enjoyed it!”

M K, New City, NY

“Very grateful for the effort and work that was put into the course. The program was excellent and I would recommend to any friends and family.”


Kenny, Montvale, NJ

“Very useful and informative. Great knowledge of the topics. I can tell that instructors are expert in their fields.”


Michelin, Atlanta, GA

“Very useful, interesting and educative course!”



Joe N. Rockland, NY